Mission Statement

Facilitate a program whereby men and women in prison can have an opportunity to worship and fellowship with messengers of the true Gospel. Support family members of the inmates where possible, i.e.  Angel Tree Program. Keep Christ before those inmates that need hope and encouragement, using prayer, testimonies and Bible study messages. Provide written materials, hand bills books and magazines.

Goals & Objectives

  • Gethsemane SDA Church Prison Ministry is dedicated to restoring hope and direction to the lives of prisoners by sharing the love of Jesus Christ through evangelism.
  • Present Christ to anyone that is willing to hear the Word. Using Song, Prayer, Testimonies, and Bible study.
  • To have a strong net-working system through local prison ministries leaders that we may strengthen and encourage one another and that we will be united in purpose and spirit.
  • To have a ministry, which will includes spiritual instruction.
  • To have an army of workers dedicated and trained to serve Christ in prisons and jails.
  • To have a strong follow-up program for inmates who have expressed an interest in being baptized or in learning more about our message. Provide published documentation to support the effort.
  • To work in accordance with conference and prison ministries guidelines and the Seventh-day Adventist Church.
  • To establish a good working relationship with prison and jail authorities and workers by helping them to provide needed services and by paying strict attention to the rules of the correctional facility or facilities in which the church is working.


About Prison Ministries

In Prison Religious Services  –  Praise, Worship, and Prayer – Correspondence with Prisoners –  Angel Tree Service
The GSDA Prison Ministry team members visit the prison.  Present the inmates with Song, Prayer, Testimonies, and a Bible message, closing with intercessory prayer.  Providing written materials, hand bills books, magazines and one on one correspondence.
Visit inmates  in local prisons, for worship and fellowship, write and offer up prayers for inmates and their families.
Central Prison Raleigh,  RCCW Raleigh,  Prison Fellowship, Angel tree Ministry
GSDA Church  Prison  Ministry
P.O.  Box 46165
Raleigh,  NC  27620

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