Personal Ministries

The Gethsemane Seventh-day Adventist Church has a vibrant Personal Ministries Department. The focus of this department is providing training and support for soul-winning. We encourage each church member to actively engage in sharing the gospel with family members, neighbors, friends, co-workers and those who live in the community. Our Personal Ministries department makes literature available for those who wish to distribute the written word. In addition to seminars, meetings and other organized activities, the Personal Ministries Department conducts Bible Study Classes at various times. The Bible Study is open to all who wish to learn more about God’s word and to those who want to learn more about sharing their faith. Personal Ministry is a way of life for all who call themselves Christian.


Primary Tasks

  • Trains and organize the church membership to do individual or group Bible studies.
  • Recruit members who will volunteer for varied witnessing assignments.
  • Plans and implements literature distribution “tract attacks” into the community.
  • Facilitating and conducting Revelation seminars and other evangelistic meetings.
  • Informs Gethsemane SDA Church members about all evangelism

2014 Goals/Objectives

  1. Conduct a general and an advanced Bible Instructors Seminar to get more people involved in Bible Studies
  2. Facilitate two, two-week of revivals (Spring and Fall[Youth Revival])
  3. Organize Bible Studies for Children and Adults
  4. Major Evangelistic meeting at each summer
  5. Facilitate a Discover Bible School for this part of Raleigh, NC
  6. “Tract-attack” – Literature Evangelism every year
  7. Start two small groups – on in South Raleigh and North Raleigh (Using DVD and literature)
  8. Form a “Reclamation Team” of trained individuals to connect with inactive and missing members

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