Mission Statement

The mission of the Children’s Ministries Department is to nurture children into a loving, serving relationship with Jesus.


Purpose: To provide children with the opportunity to worship in an age-appropriate setting, learning at their level of understanding, and participating in worship.

Description: Children’s church is a church service just for children ages 3-12. Children’s Church is held every 3rd Sabbath of each month.  Children’s church incorporates all the elements of regular worship such as praise, prayer, sharing or testimony, studying the Word, a children’s sermon, and drama or skits that apply the Word to everyday life.

Unique features: Children are given opportunities to participate in worship and to understand the elements of worship.

The Jewels for Jesus Nursing Evangelistic Choir

Purpose: To Teach children the spirit of worship and ministry through music and outreach. The Jewels for Jesus Nursing Evangelistic Choir are taught that they are tools of ministry, sharing Jesus with others through music. We teach them that music is a gift from Jesus.

Unique features: We use this gift to sing about Him and for Him. They meet every 1st Sabbath after church for rehearsal and monthly visits.

Purpose: To involve children in a meaningful prayer experience.

Description: It involves a short talk based on scripture to strengthen the children’s belief in and understanding of prayer. It includes songs, prayers, and an activity or craft.

Unique features: It offers children a special opportunity for spiritual growth and fellowship with other peers.

Purpose: To train children who have the gift of preaching to preach God’s Word.

Description: Children, who have an interest in preaching, join this club, which meets once a month.   They receive training in sermon preparation, delivery, and other public speaking skills. After several months of training, the child preachers get to practice these skills in real settings such as worship service, evangelistic meetings, children’s church, and others.

Unique features: Children get to be trained as young preachers when they have an interest and the gifts of preaching. There is also the opportunity to fellowship and work with their peers in a great spiritual experience.


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