We are all sad about the burning of our place of worship.   The fire took place sometime early Tuesday morning, Tuesday, June 2, 2015.

It appears that some insulation may have ignited after a contractor was soldering pipes in the attic earlier that day.  We are still awaiting the official report as to the cause of the fire.  Based on a preliminary estimate, our church suffered approximately 80% damage due to fire and water.

My administration is actively searching for a temporary place to worship within our community.   I anticipate an approximate time frame of six to nine months for the restoration process.   Certainly, as soon as we have concrete information, I will get that communication out to you as soon as possible.  Please be sure to visit the church website often and sign up for our email updates. Also, contact the church clerk to make sure your phone number and home address are up-to-date.

Brothers and sisters, this is a time of unity.   As you study the Word of God, please take note of the fact that disasters can show the faithfulness and love of God in a profound way.  I believe our God is going to show us great and mighty things.

Please place the following items on your prayer list:

  • That we would expediently find a place of Worship that meets our needs.
  • The restoration of the Gethsemane property without delay.
  • That we will receive God-sent blessings beyond what we can imagine, ask, or think so that not only will restoration take place, but expansion as well.
  • Last, but certainly not least, that we will remain fervent in our faith, united as a church family and exhibiting faithfulness by honoring God in all things.

God is going to bless us, but He will require our faithfulness.   Please, in the privacy of your closet, turn this matter over to God and pledge your commitment to the furthering of the gospel via the Hill of Gethsemane.

Always on our hearts and in our prayers,

Pastor and Sister Johnson

~ Patience is a Virtue ~