Church Administration

Billy Morris
Billy MorrisHead Elder
In the absence of the Pastor, Elder Morris is responsible for the services of the church.
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Henry Gadsden
Henry GadsdenHead Deacon
Deacon Gadsden is responsible for organizing the Deacon Board to assist in coordinating church services and maintaining the church property .
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Claudette McKenzie
Claudette McKenzieHead Usher
Usher McKenzie  is responsible for organizing the Usher Board in greeting and assisting members and visitors to the church each week.
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Emelda Lewis
Emelda LewisHead Deaconness
Deasonness Lewis  is responsible for organizing the Deaconness Board to assist in coordinating church services such as baptism and communion.
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Penny Taylor
Penny TaylorClerk & Statistical Sec'y
Taylor is responsible for maintain records and reports of the church such as board meeting minutes and church membership.
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Cherlyn Mitchell
Cherlyn MitchellChildren Ministries
Mitchells responsibility is to organize the Children Ministries for the church.
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Veronica Parker
Veronica ParkerTreasurer
Treasurer Parker is responsible for maintaining the church financial records.
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Brenda Buie
Brenda BuieStewardship Secretary
Buie is responsible for encouraging members to donate their time and financial resources to support church ministries.
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Deborah Cross
Deborah CrossSabbath School Supt.
Cross is responsible for keeping records of Sabbath School membership attendance.
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Tanzania Lawrence
Tanzania LawrenceSabbath School Sec'y.
Serves as assistant to the Sabbath School Superintendent.
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Reginald Taylor
Reginald TaylorPersonal Ministries
Responsible for coordinating in-reach and out-reach programs for the church.
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Leslie Johnson
Leslie JohnsonHospitality Leader
Responsible for encouraging members and visitor fellowship.
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Jean Coley
Jean ColeyCommunity Service
Responsible for all of the church community service and donation drives.
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Calvin Lane
Calvin LaneAY Leader
Responsible for coordinating all Adventist Youth Society activities for the church.
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Tyrone Fisher
Tyrone FisherPathfinder Director
Oversees the church Pathfinder club.
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Michael Buie
Michael BuieCommunication Sec'y.
Responsible to maintain the church audio, video, print, and internet mediums for the church.
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Stacy Fisher
Stacy FisherHealth Sec'y.
Responsible for informing the church on the importance of an healthy diet and lifestyle.
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Mr. & Mrs. Greenidge
Mr. & Mrs. GreenidgeFamily Ministries
Responsible for facilitating programs that enhance the development of family life.
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L'Tonya Jackson
L'Tonya JacksonEducation Secretary
Responsible for advocating christian education to the church.
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C. Johnson & W. Morris
C. Johnson & W. MorrisWomen's Ministry
Responsible for ministering to the women of the church.
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Larry Johnson
Larry JohnsonReligious Liberty
Responsible for keeping the church informed about issues relating to religious liberty.
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Ken McCalla
Ken McCallaSafety Officer
Responsible for ensuring members and visitor have a safe and accessible sanctuary to worship.
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Anita Alers
Anita AlersDisability Coordinator
Responsible for ensuring members and visitors with disabilities have a pleasant worship experience.
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Cynthia Vincent
Cynthia VincentAdventurer Director
Oversees the church Adventurer club.
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Anita Alers
Anita AlersSingle's Ministry
Responsible for organizing single ministries programs for the church.
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View Henderson
View HendersonSenior Citizens Coord.
Responsible for organizing senior citizens programs for the church.
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Iris Wray
Iris WrayMinister of Music
Responsible for facilitating music for church programs.
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Earle Greenidge
Earle GreenidgeChurch School Principal
Responsible for operating Gethsemane Church School and staff.
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Ken Watkins
Ken WatkinsSchool Board Chair
Serves as Chairman for Gethsemane Church School.
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Elder James Pearson<br />
Elder Linda Buie
Elder James Pearson
Elder Linda Buie
Prison Ministries
Facilitates programs that ministers to men and women in prison.
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Stacy Fisher
Stacy FisherHealth and Temperance
Responsible for organizing health and temperance ministry.
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