Adult Sabbath School Division

The mission of the Sabbath School is to teach members how to internalize God’s grace and truth and successfully share that with others.  It is a school of christian living.


  • Study of the Word helps students understand the gospel and make a personal commitment to Christ.
  • Fellowship and nurture fosters a sense of community among members by developing friendships through small group interaction
  • Community outreach trains members for service and inspires them to witness.
  • World mission emphasis presents a clear vision of the global mission of the Adventist Church.

Junior Sabbath School Division

The mission is to instill God’s word in the heart and mind of every child.

The Four Dynamics

GRACE:  Jesus loves me

WORSHIP:  I love Jesus

SERVICE:  Jesus loves you, too

COMMUNITY:  We love each other

Personal spiritual growth; sharing thoughts, aspirations and hopes; gathering light, strength and courage from one another; reclamation; prayer; evangelistic and social outreach – this is what Sabbath School is all about.

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